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Author(s)Title etc.LanguageRelated product groups
Cowan, D. M.; Turner-Smith, A. R.The Users Perspective on the Provision of Electronic Assistive Technology: Equipped for Life? .
I: Brittish Journal of Occupational Therapy, 1999 (62/1), s. 2-6
Engelsk Powered wheelchairs
 Assistive products for communication and information
 Assistive products for controlling from a distance
Dansk Standard A/SEN 12182:2002 echnical aids for disabled persons - General requirements and test methods.
, 09-08-2002
Dansk Assistive products for personal medical treatment
 Assistive products for training in skills
 Orthoses and prostheses
 Assistive products for personal care and protection
 Assistive products for personal mobility
 Assistive products for housekeeping
 Furnishings and adaptations to homes and other premises
 Assistive products for communication and information
 Assistive products for handling objects and devices
 Assistive products for environmental improvement and assessment
 Assistive products for recreation
Draffan, E. A.; Evans, D. G.; Blenkhorn, P.Use of Assistive Technology by Students with Dyslexia in Post-Secondary Education.
I: Disability and Rehablilitation Assistive Technology, 2007 (2(2)), s. 105-116
Engelsk Assistive products for drawing and writing
 Sound recording and playing devices
 Reading materials with audible output
 Computers and terminals
 Alternate input devices
 Input software
 Special output software
Lauriks, S. et alReview of ICT-based services for identified unmet needs in people with dementia.
I: Ageing Research Reviews, 2007 (6(3)), s. 223-246
Engelsk Assistive products for communication and information
Tolley, K.; Leese, B.; Wright, K.; Hennessy, S.; Rowley, C.; Stowe, J.; Chamberlain, A.Communication Aids for the Speech Impaired. Cost and Quality-of-Life Outcomes of Assessment Programs Provided by Specialist Communication Aids Centers in the United Kingdom.
I: International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, 1995 (11(2)), s. 196-213
Engelsk Assistive products for communication and information

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