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Author(s)Title etc.LanguageRelated product groups
Cheek, P.; Nikpour, L.; Nowlin, H. D.Aging well with smart technology.
I: Nursing Administration Quarterly, 2005 (29(4)), s. 329-338
Cowan, D. M.; Turner-Smith, A. R.The Users Perspective on the Provision of Electronic Assistive Technology: Equipped for Life? .
I: Brittish Journal of Occupational Therapy, 1999 (62/1), s. 2-6
Dansk Standard A/SEN 12182:2002 echnical aids for disabled persons - General requirements and test methods.
, 09-08-2002
Jensen, L.; Månsson, I.; Holthe, T.; Hurnasti, T.; Indridadottir, B.How Cognitive Assistive Technology can be useful for and a Benefit to persons with Dementia in their Daily Living. Guidelines for Service Delivery of Cognitive Assistive Technology to persons with Dementia.
I: Eizmendi, G.; Craddock, G. M. (Red), Challenges for assistive technology: AAATE 07, 2007, s. 227-232
Lauriks, S. et alReview of ICT-based services for identified unmet needs in people with dementia.
I: Ageing Research Reviews, 2007 (6(3)), s. 223-246
Mann, W. C.; Belchior, P.; Tomita, M. R.; Kemp, B. J.Use of personal emergency response systems by older individuals with disabilities.
I: Assistive Technology, 2005 (17), s. 82-88
Mann, W.C.; Belchior, P.; Tomita, M.R.; Kemp, B.J.Older Adults Perception and Use of PDAs, Home Automation System, and Home Health Monitoring System.
I: Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation, 2007 (23(1)), s. 35-46
Marshall, M. (Red.)ASTRID A Social & Technological Response to meeting the needs of Individuals with Dementia & their carers.
London: Hawker Publications Ltd., 2000
ISBN: 1-874790-52-3
Miskelly, F. G.Assistive technology in elderly care.
I: Age and Ageing, 2001 (30), s. 455-458
Nygård, L.; Starkhammar, S.; Lilja, M.The provision of stove timers to individuals with cognitive impairment.
I: Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 2008 (15/1), s. 4-12

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