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Support arm, height adjustable

Support arm, height adjustable
Height adjustable support arm. 250 mm height adjustable. Available with and without a built-in spring for counterbalance and in two lengths. The oval shape (33 x 51 mm) gives an easy and comfortable surface to lean and push against. Available in more colours.

Supplier Pressalit A/S
8680 Ry

Classification 18 18 11 - 01
Toilet armrests, wall mounted

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Support arm, counterbalanced, 850 mm. Height adjustable

HMI-no. 31675 
Article-no. RF148xxx 
Registration date 25-02-2002 
Last updated 25-08-2010 

Load, max. 135kg 
Height, min. 66.8cm 
Height, max. 91.8cm 
Length of armrest 86.6cm 
Hinged Yes 
Pivoting No