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Super Bravo Plus

Super Bravo Plus
Standard network phone with remote controlled emergency dial-up. Emergency calls can be activated both on the Super Bravo Plus and the included remote controller. Upon activation the phone dials up to 30 numbers and plays an already recorded message. Supeeckbox11(

Supplier Tele Call
5220 Odense SŲ

Classification 22 24 03 - 06
Stationary standard network telephones

The product series contains 1 product.

Product 1 of 1
Super Bravo Plus

HMI-no. 46833 
Article-no. 8015908730203 
Registration date 31-08-2007 
Last updated 05-02-2016 

Large keys Yes 
Large display Yes 
Calling number display Yes 
Built-in teleloop Yes 
Ring indicator light Yes 
Silent alert (vibration) No 
Headset connection possible No