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Pelvic belt, 2-point with metal push button

The pelvic belt supports the pelvic position and hereby promotes the correct physiological posture of the user. This 2-point belt with metal push button is adjustable on both sides. Belt W40 mm, L2 m. Padding of Neoprene with a nylon cover L23 cm on both sides. Washable up to 60C. Standard mounting set included.

Supplier Wolturnus A/S
9240 Nibe

Classification 12 24 30 - 02
Belts without shoulder fixation

The product series contains 1 product.

Product 1 of 1
Pelvic support, 2-point belt with metal push button

HMI-no. 71639 
Article-no. 760110000090 
Registration date 25-04-2012 
Last updated 18-12-2014 

Length 200cm 
Width 4cm 

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