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Shoulder belt

Shoulder belt
The shoulder belt (H-form) stabilizes the upper body without restricting freedom of movement. Distributes pressure across chest and shoulder. Can be unfastened at the side, shoulder and in the middle. Padding of neoprene with a nylon cover. Washable up to 60oC. Standard mounting set included.

Supplier Wolturnus A/S
9240 Nibe

Classification 12 24 30 - 03
Harness with shoulder fixation

The product series contains 3 products.

Specifications summarized

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Product 1 - 3
Intended for children---
Length (cm)303343
Width (cm)192329
H-shaped harness---
Sternal support---

New products
Wolturnus A/S
Shoulder belt
Wolturnus A/S
Shoulder belt