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Accessories for telephoning

Included are, e.g., connection units and signal transformers of an incoming message, keyboards for mobile phones, number presentation assistive products, dialling, engaged and ring tone indicators, dialling assistive products, receiver holders and receiver amplifiers.; Assistive products for hearing, see 22 06; Assistive products to assist or replace arm function, hand function, finger function or a combination of these functions, see 24 18; Assistive products for fixation, see 24 27

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CodeProduct groupQuantity
22 24 21 - 01Telephone dialers7
22 24 21 - 02Telephone aids7
22 24 21 - 04Telephone amplifiers14
22 24 21 - 05Induction loop systems1
22 24 21 - 07Connection units for the telephone network1
22 24 21 - 08Connection units2
22 24 21 - 09Induction coil devices36